Brock Cooper Poolside

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Brock Cooper and I went to a party out in Palm Springs recently. Enjoying the day, also having a few drinks and being in the pool made Brock just want to get naked. With encouragement from me of course, I bring out my camera torecord Brock giving all the guest an unexpected treat. Watch as my super hot surf buddy Brock Cooper gives us all a reason to smile…and jump in a pool!

Day at the Beach

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Music by Bradley Hudson

Day at the Beach

Bradley Hudson and Seth Bond playing around before their Dual Jerk-Off! Enjoy.

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Getting to know Scotty Dean

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DL: Today I’m sitting down with newcomer Scotty Dean. Hey Scotty, how are you? Ready for the fun quiz?
SD: “Quiz?! Didn’t get that memo!”
DL: Hahahaha there are no right answers just want everyone to get to know who Scotty Dean is
SD: “Sounds good. What would you like to know?”
DL: To start with, what do you do in your free time? Have any hobbies or past time activities you like?
SD:”I’m into drift cars! I can spend hours looking at YouTube videos and window shopping for a good deal on Craigs List”
DL: Sweet. Do you have a dream car in mind?
SD: “GTR is the only lady of my dreams! Haha! Hope one day I’ll have her in my own garage.”
DL: Speaking of Ladies, are there any famous actors that you’d like to get it on with?
SD: “Promise not to laugh but I have thing for Justin Timberlake. I know that will never happen in reality but man, can’t stop my fantasies. “
DL: Oh my. That would be hot scene! I guess we just need to find a look alike and make your fantasies come true! With that said, are you favoring a certain sexual position?
SD: “ Well I love topping – nothing like mounting a nice , firm round butt! But I’m looking forward to trying new things.”
DL: Really? I can arrange that hahaha, there are a few models that would love to help you out with your new experiment.
SD: “Thanks man. That would be awesome.”
DL: Wow it’s getting hot in here, or is it just me. Time to cool things down a bit! So to shift gears, do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
SD: “Oh dude, don’t remind me! I’m still under 21 and can’t wait to join the adulthood.”
DL: Well guess we need to go out for drink for your 21st birthday and celebrate in style.
SD:”For sure! I’ll be celebrating for a few days! Count me in.”
DL: Lastly are you in a relationship?
SD: “Yes, I am. Going on three years…..It’s just a fling. HAHA.”
DL: Too funny. Good for you. Sucks for us. It was great having you. Will we be seeing lots of you?
SD: “Oh yeah. I am having a blast.”

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The other end of the Leash.

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Where do we keep finding these guys? What an amazing good looking hunk! That Texas accent, ripped abs, hard body, beautiful face and a luscious cock! I was lying down listening to the sound of the ocean. The waves crashing down, the crowd having a good time and the annoying seagulls trying to steal my food. Minding my own business I closed my eyes and suddenly  something tripped over my right leg. I took off my sunglasses and looked up – it was the most beautiful blonde haired, young, energetic golden lab I have ever seen!
But, it kept getting better….attached to the leash was another beautiful creature. Model material. I wasted no time and introduced myself and invited him to be a part of my project. Ashton is an amazing person that is full of life and adventure. I cannot wait for you to see him perform and expose his amazing physique on

The scene:

Ashton takes a nice walk in the nude to the beach. Not enough privacy there and he ends up on his couch for a little relaxing time. So horny, he strips out of his board shorts, leans over the couch and starts to stroke his cock. Those muscles really come out with that nice tan. Sweat is running down his abs. He rubs his chiseled abs and hot body, up and down, until he ends up with a huge smile on his face.

Getting to know Chad Logan.

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DL: Good Morning Chad.
CL: Howdy, howdy.

DL: Thank you for joining me. Here we go.
CL: I’m ready, shoot.

DL: Where are you from? I can hear a sexy accent.
CL: Oh yes, I am from Dallas originally. Spent most of my life there. I was ready for a change after school. I joined the military and saw the world. I then moved to Southern California. Best decision I ever made. I love it here.

DL: Do you have family in California? What brought you over here?
CL: You mean besides the beaches, amazing weather and MEN? I have some friends and random relatives that live here. But mainly for opportunities.

DL: What do you do on a daily basis?
CL: I keep myself busy. I am used to a military schedule, that stuck with me. Up early to walk my dog and eat breakfast. My mornings are important. Nice and slow to wake up. During the day I do all of my errands and chores needed and get ready for work. I have a part time office job for extra income. After that I come home and relax.

DL: I must know what kind of dog you have.
CL: You must be a dog lover. I have a black lab. Her name is Trace – the mess maker.

DL: Oh yes I am. When you are not filming or working at the office what hobbies do you have?
CL: Where do I begin? So much I love to do. I love motorcycles. Anything to do with them. Especially riding. If I have any stress or a bad day I go for a ride. Nothing like the sound of your bike and the wind in your face to clear your head. Next would be hiking with Trace. I love to read. Especially lately. I go through a book or two a week easy. Then line dancing on Thursdays.

DL: The thought of you naked on a motorcycle revs my engine! Stay focused. What is your choice of poison as far as alcohol?
CL: Beer all the way. I will have a shot here and there but I love beer. Dark over anything.

DL: Do you workout? Please tell me you workout!
CL: Not as often as you think. Sure I lift weights here and there but that is it. My metabolism is so high I can’t gain weight. So I must eat constantly to keep my muscle.

DL: Favorite sport to watch?
CL: Soccer. Very intense and skill involved. Plus sweaty hunks running around.

DL: So, are you into the Olympics?

CL: Oh yeah! It is fun to watch, track and field and swimmers. Some amazing bodies.

DL: Favorite celebrity crush?
CL: Tough choice. Daniel Craig is up there. Sexy man. Especially with scruff.

DL: Favorite sex position? Are you a top or bottom?
CL: I am versatile. You cannot beat a good grind. It is a toss up between missionary position and doggy style. Tough choice for me.

DL: Are you single? Please say yes even if you are not.
CL: I just ended a long term relationship. So I am a free bird…….for now.

DL: This was great. Thank you for your time. You are a lot of fun and are so hot. Will we be seeing lots more of you in the future?
CL: Absolutely. I am having a blast. Thank you.

Chad Logan and Scotty Dean Massage experience.

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Chad Logan is running a small massage business. Lucky for him, Scotty Dean is referred to him for a tension release massage.  Chad knows exactly what he wants to do to relax him as he rubs Scotty’s muscular body.  Running his strong hands down Scotty’s tense body, Chad can’t help but get aroused. So much for the massage as their clothes come off and before you can say “happy ending” both guys have each others cocks in their mouths! Watch these 2 muscle studs give each other a great blow job before they get each other off. A hot scene!

Dylan Lucas: “It is very difficult to stay professional when you have two smoking hot models sucking cock on a massage table in front of me. So much spit, sweat and massage oil for three people. Unfortunately I could not join. I really enjoyed filming these two amazing models. So many laughs during the scene. Hopefully they were not laughing at me. Overwhelmed by their looks I tripped over a few times and hit my head. I’m awesome. I think this will be a really hot scene. Let me know what you think.

Getting to know Lance Alexander

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DL: Well, hello Lance!
LA: “What up!”

DL: So here we go. Where are you from?
LA: “No problem. I was raised in Vegas. Dry heat over humidity any day. There is lots to do. Swimming all year round and parties everywhere.”

DL: How hot does it get? I could not stand that kind of heat.
LA: “It can get up to 118! You get use to it. I grew up there so I developed a tolerance. Plus you get to see all the good looking guys shirtless most of the time. It’s fun.

DL: What do you do on a daily basis?
LA: “I have been on a daily routine lately. You have to if you want to stay in shape. I wake up around 9 or 10 usually. Eat and hit the gym. I like to go swimming after with some friends and relax most of the day. I feel like I am at the grocery store quite often. During the week I stay at home and game it up. Weekends I will head out to friends party’s or head to the lake.”

DL: What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
LA: “I’m not 21 yet. I plead the fifth! LOL”

DL: Favorite sport to watch?
LA: “Football is the shit! I love it. That and Golf!”……Just kidding I can’t stand Golf.”

DL: Famous boy crush?
LA: “Ryan Reynolds! When he played in the movie BLADE 3 I fell in love. Plus everything he says is hilarious.”

DL: Favorite sex position?
LA: “Well, none of my Dylan Lucas fuck buddies will take one one for the team so I take it doggy style quite often. Come on Dylan, find me someone I can fuck!”

DL: Are you currently in a relationship?
LA: “In and out!” HAHA

DL: This has been great! Thank you so much for your time Lance! I hope to have you back here soon to keep your fans up to date!
LA: “It was fun! Can’t wait to be back!”

All about Dylan Lucas…..

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Born in Southern California I have always been fascinated by the beach and especially the surfers that come out every day to ride the waves. I started surfing myself when I was 12 years old and all these years later I still love the sport. It is so awesome meeting surfers and talking about all the beaches we have surfed and places we have traveled in search of the perfect wave. After I turned 20 I started finding myself sexually attracted to some of my surfer friends. Much to my surprise a lot of the time I found that the feelings were mutual. I have had some incredibly hot sex with some of the best looking guys on the beach. Last year a friend suggested I should start taping my hot friends for my personal collection. After thinking about it I decided instead to share my special talent with all of you. Yeah I have to admit I am good at getting my surfer friends to get naked and jerk themselves off. Funny thing is that most want to come back and try more things. What kind of things? Bro you have to join my website to find out. I am stoked to say things have been going awesome and my website is now ready to share with all of you. Welcome to the world of awesome beaches, hot surfers and hot sex. Dylan Lucas.

Behind the Scenes.

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Everyone loves behind the scenes! Here is today’s updates:
We had some down time waiting for our photographer, so I took the opportunity to chat with the models – anything from filming to surfing was brought up. The weather was perfect, as usual, so we took advantage of the balcony and enjoyed the sun. The guys seemed very relaxed and excited for today’s project.

All work and no play is not wise…or something of sorts, so we all went out for dinner and drinks by the beach. Here are some pics! Hope you like!
This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more 🙂

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

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Finally the time has come for us to film for!
Anticipation and excitement kept me awake for weeks!
The models have been amazing! Outstanding performances to give it their best for your enjoyment 🙂 and they couldn’t wait to get into it!
Camera, check! Lights, check! Excitement at 200%, check!