All about Dylan Lucas…..

Born in Southern California I have always been fascinated by the beach and especially the surfers that come out every day to ride the waves. I started surfing myself when I was 12 years old and all these years later I still love the sport. It is so awesome meeting surfers and talking about all […]

Behind the Scenes.

Everyone loves behind the scenes! Here is today’s updates: We had some down time waiting for our photographer, so I took the opportunity to chat with the models – anything from filming to surfing was brought up. The weather was perfect, as usual, so we took advantage of the balcony and enjoyed the sun. The […]

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Finally the time has come for us to film for! Anticipation and excitement kept me awake for weeks! The models have been amazing! Outstanding performances to give it their best for your enjoyment 🙂 and they couldn’t wait to get into it! Camera, check! Lights, check! Excitement at 200%, check! “QUIET ON THE SET!”