All about Dylan Lucas…..

Born in Southern California I have always been fascinated by the beach and especially the surfers that come out every day to ride the waves. I started surfing myself when I was 12 years old and all these years later I still love the sport. It is so awesome meeting surfers and talking about all the beaches we have surfed and places we have traveled in search of the perfect wave. After I turned 20 I started finding myself sexually attracted to some of my surfer friends. Much to my surprise a lot of the time I found that the feelings were mutual. I have had some incredibly hot sex with some of the best looking guys on the beach. Last year a friend suggested I should start taping my hot friends for my personal collection. After thinking about it I decided instead to share my special talent with all of you. Yeah I have to admit I am good at getting my surfer friends to get naked and jerk themselves off. Funny thing is that most want to come back and try more things. What kind of things? Bro you have to join my website to find out. I am stoked to say things have been going awesome and my website is now ready to share with all of you. Welcome to the world of awesome beaches, hot surfers and hot sex. Dylan Lucas.

10 Responses to “All about Dylan Lucas…..”

  1. Really like the new site. Great models and you have them doing almost everything. Alex Waters and Lance Alexander look great bottoming! Would be great to see more rimming, so I hope we see more of that in future episodes.

  2. I’ve been waiting to see Alex Waters bottom the first time I saw him. Please more of Alex and Austin bottoming.

  3. I only joined because I almost fell of my chair seeing a picture of Alex Waters bottoming in a blog promoting your site! I have me hooked now – looking forward to seeing Alex do more! Lance is another great asset of yours too. All the best!

  4. Bloody love the new site. But it’s all about Lance Alexander for me – he’s a tall fucking hot drink of water! More rimming and feet action please.

  5. I love your new site! I especially like Jimmy, Alex, Austin, Chad and Lance… I could not believe it when I saw that they were all here!

  6. I am an excited new member, the guys are hot and the sex surprisingly of a good standard with most appearing to be genuinely getting into it. It has been improving as the scenes have been progressively released. i love the muscle jock types who are into quality masculine sex. Got to be good muscular bodies, not skinny fems. I hope you are getting support so you can continue to bring us the quality to date.

  7. So Dylan responded to me personally about this. Gotta like that. They are working hard on new updates. Most of the prior updates went up all at the same time on June 27th, despite the dates on them. They hope to be able to update every week. I’m going to be patient and hope that whats coming is as good or better than what has already been posted. And Dylan said more scenes with LAnce are coming. Yeah !

  8. just wanted to say great blog!

  9. great site. please can you include latest video updates in your blog… so I can subscribe to the feed. thanks


    La primera vez que ví a LANCE ALEXANDER quedé fascinado. Me encanta. Es un hombre completo: hermoso, lampiño, vergon y… muy caliente (very very hot).

    Otro que me fascina es ALEX WATERS, al que he seguido en todos su trabajos en BELAMI.

    Por ellos dos me he inscrito sin pensarlo dos veces.