Chad Logan and Scotty Dean Massage experience.

Chad Logan is running a small massage business. Lucky for him, Scotty Dean is referred to him for a tension release massage.  Chad knows exactly what he wants to do to relax him as he rubs Scotty’s muscular body.  Running his strong hands down Scotty’s tense body, Chad can’t help but get aroused. So much for the massage as their clothes come off and before you can say “happy ending” both guys have each others cocks in their mouths! Watch these 2 muscle studs give each other a great blow job before they get each other off. A hot scene!

Dylan Lucas: “It is very difficult to stay professional when you have two smoking hot models sucking cock on a massage table in front of me. So much spit, sweat and massage oil for three people. Unfortunately I could not join. I really enjoyed filming these two amazing models. So many laughs during the scene. Hopefully they were not laughing at me. Overwhelmed by their looks I tripped over a few times and hit my head. I’m awesome. I think this will be a really hot scene. Let me know what you think.

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