Getting to know Scotty Dean

DL: Today I’m sitting down with newcomer Scotty Dean. Hey Scotty, how are you? Ready for the fun quiz? SD: “Quiz?! Didn’t get that memo!” DL: Hahahaha there are no right answers just want everyone to get to know who Scotty Dean is SD: “Sounds good. What would you like to know?” DL: To start […]

The other end of the Leash.

Where do we keep finding these guys? What an amazing good looking hunk! That Texas accent, ripped abs, hard body, beautiful face and a luscious cock! I was lying down listening to the sound of the ocean. The waves crashing down, the crowd having a good time and the annoying seagulls trying to steal my […]

Getting to know Chad Logan.

CHAD LOGAN: DL: Good Morning Chad. CL: Howdy, howdy. DL: Thank you for joining me. Here we go. CL: I’m ready, shoot. DL: Where are you from? I can hear a sexy accent. CL: Oh yes, I am from Dallas originally. Spent most of my life there. I was ready for a change after school. […]