Getting to know Chad Logan.


DL: Good Morning Chad.
CL: Howdy, howdy.

DL: Thank you for joining me. Here we go.
CL: I’m ready, shoot.

DL: Where are you from? I can hear a sexy accent.
CL: Oh yes, I am from Dallas originally. Spent most of my life there. I was ready for a change after school. I joined the military and saw the world. I then moved to Southern California. Best decision I ever made. I love it here.

DL: Do you have family in California? What brought you over here?
CL: You mean besides the beaches, amazing weather and MEN? I have some friends and random relatives that live here. But mainly for opportunities.

DL: What do you do on a daily basis?
CL: I keep myself busy. I am used to a military schedule, that stuck with me. Up early to walk my dog and eat breakfast. My mornings are important. Nice and slow to wake up. During the day I do all of my errands and chores needed and get ready for work. I have a part time office job for extra income. After that I come home and relax.

DL: I must know what kind of dog you have.
CL: You must be a dog lover. I have a black lab. Her name is Trace – the mess maker.

DL: Oh yes I am. When you are not filming or working at the office what hobbies do you have?
CL: Where do I begin? So much I love to do. I love motorcycles. Anything to do with them. Especially riding. If I have any stress or a bad day I go for a ride. Nothing like the sound of your bike and the wind in your face to clear your head. Next would be hiking with Trace. I love to read. Especially lately. I go through a book or two a week easy. Then line dancing on Thursdays.

DL: The thought of you naked on a motorcycle revs my engine! Stay focused. What is your choice of poison as far as alcohol?
CL: Beer all the way. I will have a shot here and there but I love beer. Dark over anything.

DL: Do you workout? Please tell me you workout!
CL: Not as often as you think. Sure I lift weights here and there but that is it. My metabolism is so high I can’t gain weight. So I must eat constantly to keep my muscle.

DL: Favorite sport to watch?
CL: Soccer. Very intense and skill involved. Plus sweaty hunks running around.

DL: So, are you into the Olympics?

CL: Oh yeah! It is fun to watch, track and field and swimmers. Some amazing bodies.

DL: Favorite celebrity crush?
CL: Tough choice. Daniel Craig is up there. Sexy man. Especially with scruff.

DL: Favorite sex position? Are you a top or bottom?
CL: I am versatile. You cannot beat a good grind. It is a toss up between missionary position and doggy style. Tough choice for me.

DL: Are you single? Please say yes even if you are not.
CL: I just ended a long term relationship. So I am a free bird…….for now.

DL: This was great. Thank you for your time. You are a lot of fun and are so hot. Will we be seeing lots more of you in the future?
CL: Absolutely. I am having a blast. Thank you.

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