The other end of the Leash.

Where do we keep finding these guys? What an amazing good looking hunk! That Texas accent, ripped abs, hard body, beautiful face and a luscious cock! I was lying down listening to the sound of the ocean. The waves crashing down, the crowd having a good time and the annoying seagulls trying to steal my food. Minding my own business I closed my eyes and suddenly  something tripped over my right leg. I took off my sunglasses and looked up – it was the most beautiful blonde haired, young, energetic golden lab I have ever seen!
But, it kept getting better….attached to the leash was another beautiful creature. Model material. I wasted no time and introduced myself and invited him to be a part of my project. Ashton is an amazing person that is full of life and adventure. I cannot wait for you to see him perform and expose his amazing physique on

The scene:

Ashton takes a nice walk in the nude to the beach. Not enough privacy there and he ends up on his couch for a little relaxing time. So horny, he strips out of his board shorts, leans over the couch and starts to stroke his cock. Those muscles really come out with that nice tan. Sweat is running down his abs. He rubs his chiseled abs and hot body, up and down, until he ends up with a huge smile on his face.

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