Getting to know Scotty Dean

DL: Today I’m sitting down with newcomer Scotty Dean. Hey Scotty, how are you? Ready for the fun quiz?
SD: “Quiz?! Didn’t get that memo!”
DL: Hahahaha there are no right answers just want everyone to get to know who Scotty Dean is
SD: “Sounds good. What would you like to know?”
DL: To start with, what do you do in your free time? Have any hobbies or past time activities you like?
SD:”I’m into drift cars! I can spend hours looking at YouTube videos and window shopping for a good deal on Craigs List”
DL: Sweet. Do you have a dream car in mind?
SD: “GTR is the only lady of my dreams! Haha! Hope one day I’ll have her in my own garage.”
DL: Speaking of Ladies, are there any famous actors that you’d like to get it on with?
SD: “Promise not to laugh but I have thing for Justin Timberlake. I know that will never happen in reality but man, can’t stop my fantasies. “
DL: Oh my. That would be hot scene! I guess we just need to find a look alike and make your fantasies come true! With that said, are you favoring a certain sexual position?
SD: “ Well I love topping – nothing like mounting a nice , firm round butt! But I’m looking forward to trying new things.”
DL: Really? I can arrange that hahaha, there are a few models that would love to help you out with your new experiment.
SD: “Thanks man. That would be awesome.”
DL: Wow it’s getting hot in here, or is it just me. Time to cool things down a bit! So to shift gears, do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
SD: “Oh dude, don’t remind me! I’m still under 21 and can’t wait to join the adulthood.”
DL: Well guess we need to go out for drink for your 21st birthday and celebrate in style.
SD:”For sure! I’ll be celebrating for a few days! Count me in.”
DL: Lastly are you in a relationship?
SD: “Yes, I am. Going on three years…..It’s just a fling. HAHA.”
DL: Too funny. Good for you. Sucks for us. It was great having you. Will we be seeing lots of you?
SD: “Oh yeah. I am having a blast.”

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