Brock Cooper Poolside

Brock Cooper and I went to a party out in Palm Springs recently. Enjoying the day, also having a few drinks and being in the pool made Brock just want to get naked. With encouragement from me of course, I bring out my camera torecord Brock giving all the guest an unexpected treat. Watch as […]

Day at the Beach

Music by Bradley Hudson Day at the Beach Bradley Hudson and Seth Bond playing around before their Dual Jerk-Off! Enjoy. Follow my new account on Dylanlucastv Follow me on twitter

Getting to know Scotty Dean

DL: Today I’m sitting down with newcomer Scotty Dean. Hey Scotty, how are you? Ready for the fun quiz? SD: “Quiz?! Didn’t get that memo!” DL: Hahahaha there are no right answers just want everyone to get to know who Scotty Dean is SD: “Sounds good. What would you like to know?” DL: To start […]

The other end of the Leash.

Where do we keep finding these guys? What an amazing good looking hunk! That Texas accent, ripped abs, hard body, beautiful face and a luscious cock! I was lying down listening to the sound of the ocean. The waves crashing down, the crowd having a good time and the annoying seagulls trying to steal my […]

Getting to know Chad Logan.

CHAD LOGAN: DL: Good Morning Chad. CL: Howdy, howdy. DL: Thank you for joining me. Here we go. CL: I’m ready, shoot. DL: Where are you from? I can hear a sexy accent. CL: Oh yes, I am from Dallas originally. Spent most of my life there. I was ready for a change after school. […]

Chad Logan and Scotty Dean Massage experience.

Chad Logan is running a small massage business. Lucky for him, Scotty Dean is referred to him for a tension release massage.  Chad knows exactly what he wants to do to relax him as he rubs Scotty’s muscular body.  Running his strong hands down Scotty’s tense body, Chad can’t help but get aroused. So much […]

Getting to know Lance Alexander

DL: Well, hello Lance! LA: “What up!” DL: So here we go. Where are you from? LA: “No problem. I was raised in Vegas. Dry heat over humidity any day. There is lots to do. Swimming all year round and parties everywhere.” DL: How hot does it get? I could not stand that kind of […]

All about Dylan Lucas…..

Born in Southern California I have always been fascinated by the beach and especially the surfers that come out every day to ride the waves. I started surfing myself when I was 12 years old and all these years later I still love the sport. It is so awesome meeting surfers and talking about all […]

Behind the Scenes.

Everyone loves behind the scenes! Here is today’s updates: We had some down time waiting for our photographer, so I took the opportunity to chat with the models – anything from filming to surfing was brought up. The weather was perfect, as usual, so we took advantage of the balcony and enjoyed the sun. The […]

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Finally the time has come for us to film for! Anticipation and excitement kept me awake for weeks! The models have been amazing! Outstanding performances to give it their best for your enjoyment 🙂 and they couldn’t wait to get into it! Camera, check! Lights, check! Excitement at 200%, check! “QUIET ON THE SET!”